Treat Yourself with a Healthy Option


Who We Are

We started our business in 2020 with one goal in mind: providing an enjoyable healthy experience to Corvallis. We provide healthy items that are fresh, made to order and simply unforgettable.


Our Food


Soup of the Week- Seasonal

This latest addition to our menu has already become our customers’ favorite. Day or night, our Soup of the Week is the dish you’ve been craving. We offer two choices- one will always be vegan!



Fresh fruits and vegetables only! We do not have any hidden ingredients in our smoothies.  You only "add" your choice of milk.  Refreshing and delicious you will have several favorites!

Acai Bowls

No fillers, only fruit.  Blended to the consistency of ice cream and always prepared to perfection. Share it with friends or have it all to yourself—you’ll enjoy it till the very last bite.


Juice Blends

Our Juice Blends are a fantastic combination of fruits and vegetables to create beautiful colors that radiate through each cup! You will have to try them all.


Much More!

We have several items for you to choose from! Teas, coffee, coffee alternatives, and much more! We are always creating new and healthy meals for you to enjoy.


Made fresh to order- we never pre-cut our vegetables.  We want our salads to be crisp, fresh and incredibly delightful.



1849 NW 9th St, Corvallis, OR 97330
296 East 5th Ave Eugene, OR 97401

541-207-3567 (C) 541-636-9923 (E)


Our Hours

Corvallis: Monday-Saturday 8-5 closed Sunday

Eugene: Everyday 730-530